Pettis and Pounds: Two Impressive Newcomers Join Forces

Grace Pettis met Brian Pounds several years ago at a venue in north Austin called “The Roost,” where the two shared the bill, supporting John Fullbright. In contrast to Fullbright’s raucous and well-oiled band, Pounds took the stage that night armed only with a guitar, powerful voice, and poignant lyrics. Pettis was impressed, chiefly by Pounds’ uncontrived songwriting.

Although the two initially bonded over songwriting, much of Pounds' initial "buzz" was over his powerful and distinct singing voice. In 2013, Brian Pounds was handpicked out of thousands of hopefuls as a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice,” where he impressed the judges, especially country superstar Blake Shelton. Pounds demonstrated his capacity for widespread appeal when his single “Somewhere Maybe Carolina” (a co-write with fellow competitor Austin Jenckes) quietly racked up over 14,000 views on YouTube.